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Cathedral High School offers a program of study that is appropriate and stimulating.  Courses provide the intellectually rigorous course work students need as part of an integrated, well-rounded, college preparatory education offered in the Catholic and Lasallian tradition.

Our academic program provides a balance between core courses required of all, and an elective program that recognizes the diversity of talents and interests found in our student body. 

Cathedral offers honor courses and participates in the nationwide Advanced Placement Program of college-level instruction in high school by offering Advanced Placement courses.  

Cathedral High School offers a college preparatory program of studies to enable all students to meet the minimum requirements for both the University of California (UC) system and the California State University (CSU) system.  Most academic advisors of both high school and college students agree, however, that preparation for university study includes more than the basic requirements for entrance.  Therefore, students are encouraged to enroll in classes well beyond the minimum requirements. 

In order to help students achieve success, Cathedral offers various academic support services.  These services include personal counseling, college counseling, and academic counseling by grade level.  In addition, the morning program is offered to provide students with the opportunity to improve their overall study habits and to receive tutorial assistance in all subject areas.