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Summer Enrichment

Summer break is a great time to explore academic opportunities and learn new skills.  Taking a class at a community college or participating in a summer program at a four-year university are great ways to get a head start on your post-high school education.  

Although some programs can be expensives, especially when factoring in travel and accommodations, many programs are free and/or offer scholarships.  Below is a list of programs to get you started.  Check back periodically as new programs are added often. Programs are arranged by due date and NOT by topic.

Community College Pre-College Programs

Pasadena Community College

Programs by Deadline 


Telluride Association Summer Seminar (Free, Highly Selective)


Notre Dame Leadership Seminars 

Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project

Carleton College Summer Liberal Arts Institute

CAMP CHLA - Health Care Career Exploration



Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) (First Gen College Bound Students)

California State Summer School for the Arts (ARTS)

Eve and Gene Black Medical Career Program

Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar (SES)

Princeton Summer Journalism Program (FREE)


Ohio State Pre-College Program

University of Miami Pre-College Program

Wentworth Institute of Technology Impact Lab (STEM)

Carneigie Mellon University AI Scholars (STEM, FREE if qualified)

UCLA Summer Writing Institute (Scholarships available)

Annenberg Youth Academy for Media and Civic Engagement (FREE)

California Youth Think Tank at USC (Low Cost)

Summer Legal Institue (Free, Los Angeles)

Engineering Summer Program (Free, Virtual and In-Person, U of Wisconsin)

Penn State: Bussiness Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS)

YMCA TEEN Programs

The Summer Law Institute (Free)


Woodbury University High School Academy (Architecture , The Art & Design, STEAM & Computer Science, Creative Writing, Finance, Introduction to Psychology and Human Behavior)