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Information about Class Registration

Each February, students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will begin the process of selecting classes for the following year.  This process consists of a grade level Registration Assembly, completion of the grade level Course Request form, and a counseling session to formally request classes.  Please review the process below for more information.

Grade Level Registration Assembly

The Registration Assembly will be held in February (2/21/24)  Students will receive a copy of their transcript, a Course Selection Form, and information about the process of selecting classes including, school graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and new classes being offered.  

Following the assembly, students should consult with teachers, parents, and counselors, and decide which classes they would like to take next year.  Students also need to refer to  the course catalog for the course description and prerequisites of a desired class.

Course Selection Form

The course request form will guide students in the selection process.  Students need to complete the form by early March.  Students will use this form to formally request classes with the counselor.  Students may print a copy of the form from their grade level Google Classroom.

Course Request Day

Students will formally request classes in March (2024: March 5th and 6th), typically during their religion class.  Students will need to submit their paper Course Selection form after entering their choices on PowerSchool.  Absent students should see their grade level counselor to submit course requests.

Course Request Verifications

Parents will need to verify their son's course requests by signing the Course Request Verification Form.  This form will be distributed to students after the Course Request Day.  The Course Request Verification Form is due by Friday March 22.  Students may return them to their grade level counselor or Religion Teacher.  Students who did not receive a form due to absence should see the grade level counselor.  (11th-Mr. Ryan, 9th and 10th-Mrs. Martinez, MSA-Mrs. Lopez).  Replacement copies may be requested from the grade level counselors as well.  Failure to return the form may result in students missing out on their first choice electives.

Course Schedules

Students will receive their course schedule before the start of school in August.  Errors, omissions, and conflicts can be corrected online using the Schedule Change Request form (to be posted in August).