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Summer Reading 2022

Summer Reading for all Cathedral Students

All Cathedral students get to read this summer! The English Department has made summer reading easy and enjoyable! Most students will read five short stories and keep track of their reading on a log sheet. Here are the specifics.

1. Students who are placed in English II Honors, AP English Language, and AP English Literature will have summer reading assignments posted by their Honors or AP teacher. These students must make sure they join the appropriate Google Classroom so they can take advantage of all the reading and preparation they need to be successful in an Honors or AP English class in the fall. Students who have been placed in English II Honors or AP English Literature (Grade 12) should contact Ms. Pennington with questions. Students who have been placed in AP English Language (Grade 11) should contact Mr. Catlin with questions.

2. Students taking English II, English III, and English IV next year get to read five short stories. They will choose these stories from grade-level lists of ten to fifteen stories that have been chosen by the English teachers.

3. Students will find their grade level stories on the Summer Reading Google Classroom that corresponds to their graduation year. For example, a student who will be a senior in the fall will get a code from his current English teacher and join the Class of 2023 Summer Reading Google Classroom. 

4. Students will keep easy reading logs during the summer. The reading logs will have simple questions about the stories, and students will complete five logs to show what they thought about the stories they read. Students can proudly show their completed reading logs to their English teacher in the fall. 

5. Students can earn extra credit for their 2022-2023 English class by reading more than five short stories. Students can read more of the stories, novels, comic books/graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, or complex video game lore to earn extra credit. Students who read and complete reading logs for extra texts just need to share their work with their new English teacher in August. 

6. Incoming freshmen who will take English I should read The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter.  Incoming freshmen who will take English I Honors should read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Ask your English teacher for more information.

Google Classroom Class Codes:

Class of 2023 Rising Seniors:  esu4czf

Class of 2024 Rising Juniors: ozyrbkk

Class of 2025 Rising Sophs: zhxksba