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Summer Reading 2023


 All students in English II, English III, and English IV in Fall 2023 must complete summer reading. Students have plenty of choices to make their summer reading enjoyable. One option is to read five short stories from a collection of stories for their grade level. The other option is to read one novel or non-fiction book from the list provided. Students must complete a reading log to chart their reading hours. Each student will receive a copy of the reading log from their current English teacher. 

     Students can find the lists and PDFs for all the short story choices on the Summer Reading Google Classroom. They can also find the list of novel and book options there. 

   Students who have been placed in English II Honors, AP English Language, or AP English Literature have a different set of books and activities to complete. Those students have already joined their summer Google Classrooms. 

     In-coming freshmen who will be in English I in Fall 2023 must read The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter during the summer. Freshmen in English I Honors in the fall must read Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson over the summer. 

 The classroom code for the all-school Summer Reading Google Classroom is v7rl3xx.