Daily Announcements


Friday, March 13, 2020                           Even Block Schedule

Thank you to those students and teachers who are participating in our Lenten $5.00 Spare Your Collar Day to raise funds to help our Lasallians in Kenya and Venezuela.  As usual Homeroom teachers are to check to see that students who are out of uniform are wearing a wristband. If you need a wristband please be honest and come to the Attendance Office before going to Period 1 to pay your $5.00.  Once again, thank you to those who donated to help our fellow Lasallians.

As announced yesterday afternoon by Brother John and in calls to parents last night we will NOT have school on Monday.  On Monday teachers will spend the day on campus to receive training on distance learning techniques and how teachers can continue to provide instruction and lessons to you through your iPad if you need to stay at home if school is closed due to the coronavirus.  Once again, Monday is a day off of school for all students.

Today as planned is the end of the Grading Period.  To get the best possible grade on your mid-semester report card you must turn in all work today so your teachers can correct everything over the weekend and finalize your grade no later than 8:00am Monday morning. 

On Tuesday school will resume and on Tuesday we will follow an All Class Schedule with all 7 periods meeting.  Following the advice of city and health officials we will NOT have Parent-Teacher Conferences as scheduled Tuesday evening.  Report cards will still be printed and provided to your parents but we will NOT have Parent-Teacher Conferences Tuesday evening as originally planned.  

When school resumes on Tuesday we ask everyone to bring their $100 for the walk-a-thon or have people sponsor you online by 8:00am Tuesday morning. While our actual Walk-A-Thon has been postponed and we will NOT walk on Wednesday, we still ask everyone to get their $100 in by Tuesday so we can still do the raffle drawing Tuesday afternoon and give one Cathedral family the $250 prize.  

If you haven’t turned in your $100 for the walk-a-thon yet, please use your time this weekend and on Monday when we don’t have school to ask people to sponsor you for the walk-a-thon.  To have people sponsor you using a credit or debit card we have established a link on our school website. Just go to our website and click on the Walk-A-Thon news story and follow the link to “Sponsor a Phantom”.  You can forward this link to your family, friends and neighbors and they can sponsor you by using any debit or credit card. Please do what you can to get people to sponsor for our walk-a-thon so you can turn in your $100 by Tuesday.

While we will NOT be walking on Wednesday we will be rescheduling our actual walk and In-N-Out Lunch for the walk-a-thon on another day in April when the weather is better and when it is safer for us to gather together as a school community.    Once again, please do what you can to turn in your walk-a-thon money on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we will NOT have school on campus, but teachers will conduct class lessons with you through your iPad at home.  On Wednesday we will follow an All Class Schedule and you will be required to sign in with each of your teachers on your iPad at the same time your classes usually meet on campus.  Wednesday will be our first day we practice distance learning online. On Wednesday we will see what worked well and what didn’t but it will be important that you stay at home and Wednesday while your teachers are at school and communicating with you online through your iPad from 8:00am to 2:20pm.  

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles did announce that Tuesday’s Christian Service Awards Mass at the cathedral church has been postponed and will NOT take place Tuesday as planned.  Congratulations is still extended to our two student awardees - Christopher Exposito and Eduardo Garcia, Jr. - and Mr. Kasunic, our teacher awardee, but the special Mass and ceremony will take place at a later time.  

With so much news about the Coronavirus, it’s helpful for all of us to follow good health practices so we do not become sick or transmit infections to others.  Good practices include washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds or more. An easy way to know how long to wash your hands for 20 seconds is to sing “Happy Birthday to You” twice while using soap and water.  Extra soap dispensers have been placed in student restrooms for your use.  

When you sneeze or cough cover your nose and mouth with your flexed elbow or use tissue.  It is also recommended to avoid touching your eyes and face with your hands as much as possible. In addition, you should not ask or share your food and drink with others if it involves them putting their fingers on your food or their mouth on your bottle.  Simple and respectful practices of good health can keep you and others healthy to reduce the transmission of germs both here at school and at home.  

To help keep us healthy at school Brother John would like you to ask your mom or dad to donate items we can use at school in exchange for Parent Service Hours.  Donating facial tissue, Clorox wipes, Lysol, and other disinfectants would all be appreciated and can be dropped off any time in the front office in exchange for parent service hours.  Following good health practices and keeping our campus clean is important to keep our school open and healthy.   

Because NO one at Cathedral has tested positive for COVID-19 or exposed others at school, school and classes are scheduled to resume on campus as usual next Thursday and Friday.  It is our hope that beginning on Thursday we will continue to have school on campus, but if things change it is important that all students and teachers learn how to use distance learning that we will practice together on Wednesday.  

Due to the senior retreat today we have several teachers out teachers are asked to be mindful to fulfill sub responsibility for others who are away from school today.  

Juniors planning to apply to a four-year college or university next year must take either the SAT or the ACT.  No matter what test you prefer make sure you know the upcoming deadlines to register for the May SAT or June ACT.   April 3rd is the deadline to register for the May SAT, while May 8th is the deadline for the June ACT. If you come from a low income family Juniors should see Mr. Catlin at this time to see if you qualify for a fee waiver that will reduce the fee charged for the SAT and ACT. 

Juniors or Seniors that planned to take the SAT this Saturday should check their SAT information to make sure the test is still scheduled to take place.  If you didn’t receive an email notification see Mr. Catlin or Mr. Ryan for information on what you should check to confirm if the SAT is still scheduled to take place on Saturday.

End of Announcements