Daily Announcements


Friday, Sept. 17, 2021                             Even Block Schedule

Today (Friday) we conclude Freshman Retreat Week with a Class Mass for all the freshmen during Period 2.   After Homeroom all freshmen are to go to their Period 2 classroom as usual to drop off your backpack and take attendance with your teacher.  With your Period 2 teacher you are to walk out to the bleacher area to come together to attend Mass together with your classmates.  After Mass you will go back to your Period 2 class before going to Break.   Teachers who have freshmen during Period 2 are to attend the Mass along with your freshmen students.  

Due to not having school NEXT Friday, September 24th so our teachers can have a Lasallian Workshop in the Gym, next week we will have Block Classes each day and our classes meeting on different days of the week.  Instead of having an All Class Schedule on Monday, Odd Block classes 135&7 will meet on Monday instead.  

To be clear,  next week Odd Block Classes 135 & 7 will meet on Monday and Wednesday and Even Block classes 24 & 6 will meet on Tuesday and Thursday, with NO school next Friday.  Next week school will be dismissed early at 1:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday instead of Wednesday and Friday.  In addition, students that are NOT vaccinated will stay after school on Tuesday instead of Wednesday in order to be Covid tested next week.

The list of students who made the A and B Honor Roll on their June Semester report card is now posted inside the Honors Bulletin Board outside the main office.  If you had good grades and earned a 3.0 GPA or higher with NO Ds on your June semester report card, check to verify your name is on the list.  

Today is the deadline to join CSF and NHS.  If you made the A Honor Roll you’re encouraged to join the California Scholarship Federation and if you made the B Honor Roll you’re encouraged to join the National Honor Society.  

To join either honor society you must sign up with Mr. Zelada in Room 301 by the end of school today.  See Mr. Zelada in Room 301 during Break, Lunch and after school to join one or both of our academic honor societies.  Once again, today is the deadline to join CSF and NHS. 

If you would like to get involved and share ideas on how Cathedral can provide new activities you should see Mr. Sarmiento, our Activities Director, and join the Student Leadership Committee at the General Student Meetings Mondays during Break in Room 504.  These meetings will give you the opportunity to give feedback and come up with ideas to make school more enjoyable.   Please know you’re welcome to attend this coming Monday at Break or see Mr. Sarmiento in Room 504 for more information. 

One of the new activities we hope to implement soon is playing intramurals during Lunch.  If you would like to play soccer, perhaps kickball and flag football for fun, listen to the announcements on how you should form a team with friends and play intramural sports during Lunch.  Specific information about forming an intramural team will be announced next week so listen to these announcements for the details.

With the weather getting a little cooler you might want to wear a sweater to school.  However, to wear a hoodie or sweater it can only be a Cathedral logo sweater.  Brand new Cathedral hoodies sell for $44.00 in the student store which is open before and after school and frequently during Lunch.  If you don’t have a Cathedral sweater tell your parent you need to get one, because teachers have the right to tell you to take off any non-Cathedral sweater and even confiscate it if you do NOT follow their instructions.  To avoid this hassle, only wear a Cathedral sweater to school or buy one from the student store if needed. 

All students who bring a lunch bag or lunch container to school should write your first and last name on the bag or container.  Frequently lunch bags are found left outside with NO name on the bag and it becomes difficult to get the bag back to you.  To help you keep track of your lunch bag, make sure your name is on the bag in case it gets lost.  Lost lunch bags are frequently turned in to the Attendance Office so look there for lost and found items.  

For the health and safety of all on campus please keep your mask on and properly worn over both your mouth and nose when in a classroom and in the food lines outside the cafeteria.  Having your mask on over your nose is NOT optional but required when you’re inside any classroom or building.  Proper mask wearing is a way of showing respect and a requirement that you must follow to stay at school. 

As we have been announcing, due to the continued presence of the Covid virus everyone needs to get into the habit of checking your school email every morning before you leave for school.  In the event you were sitting within 6 feet of a classmate who tested positive for Covid - which happened for about 20 unvaccinated students on Thursday - you will be notified by email and told what to do.  

The importance of checking your email is particularly important for students NOT vaccinated or NOT fully vaccinated because you will be required to stay home and quarantine if you came in close contact with another student who tested positive.   Once again, get in the habit everyday of checking your school gmail BEFORE leaving your house so you don’t come to school when you shouldn’t.   

The good news is that 86% of all Phantoms are fully or partially vaccinated and 100% of all teachers are vaccinated.  The benefits of being fully vaccinated is that you will NOT be required to stay after school each week to be tested for Covid and you will NOT have to stay home if someone you sit near in class tests positive.   If you recently got your first or second shot see Ms. Ruiz in the Attendance Office with proof of your vaccination so she can update your information in the Attendance Office. 

For those few students who need to stay home and quarantine due to a Covid exposure,  Cathedral teachers are providing a Zoom link on Google Classroom so you can follow along with your classes at home.  Please know the Zoom access is only intended for students required to quarantine, it is NOT for students who are home or away from school for other reasons. 

To access the Zoom link if needed make sure you know how to access Google Classroom for each of your classes and you use ONLY your Cathedral email account.  Teachers are instructed only to admit students on Zoom and reply to your email if it comes through your school gmail account.  Personal email addresses are NOT allowed to access Zoom or do other school work, so whenever you do anything related to school, only use your Cathedral gmail account. 

It’s looks like we will have a nice crowd of juniors, seniors and girls to attend next Thursday’s Casino Night Party thanks to those who signed up in advance through your Religion class.   Actual dealers from Las Vegas will be here to show you how to play blackjack, craps and roulette and have fun with fellow Phantoms and girls you invited.  While the party is free for all Juniors and Seniors, you must be at least partially vaccinated to attend.  Girls will need to pay $10 per person and they must be able to show proof of vaccination to enter.  

For Thursday’s Casino Night we are asking everyone to dress up a bit.  While ties are optional, guys need to wear a collared shirt and look good.  If you invited a girl to attend, also let her know she should also dress up for the party as well.  Casino Night gets underway at 7:00pm next Thursday and will conclude by 11:00pm.  The party will take place outside in front of the theater.  All juniors, seniors and girls you invite to attend Casino Night  must be at least partially vaccinated with one shot in order to attend.

If you think being an attorney or perhaps a sheriff is in your future, you should consider being part of our Mock Trial team.   Team members take the role of an attorney, a witness, a bailiff, and a clerk to conduct a trial.  This year the defendant is accused of killing his landlord with a rattlesnake after being threatened with eviction during the pandemic.  The Mock Trial team meets Monday thru Thursday after school in Mr. Ryan’s Room 201.  If you would like to see what Mock Trial is about,  see Mr. Ryan and come to Room 201 after school today. 

As part of our school dress code everyone is reminded that earrings are NOT allowed to be worn.  In addition only Cathedral caps are allowed on campus.  If you have a cap, other than a Cathedral cap, leave it in your locker.  If you need a lock,  buy it from the student store so you can use your locker. 

If you’re a sophomore, juniors or senior and did NOT pick up your yearbook during Welcome Week come to the student store before school or after school to pick up your yearbook.  There is NO charge for you to receive a yearbook.  Juniors and Seniors will receive both the 2020 and 2021 yearbook while the sophomores can receive the 2021 book.  Once again, the place to pick up yearbooks for all returning sophomores, juniors and seniors is now from the student store.

Here’s a new announcement: Intramurals are back! We will kick off intramurals by hosting a 6 on 6 soccer league that will take place during lunch.  Start forming your teams and go see Mr. Fernandez during break or lunch in room 101 to submit your soccer team roster.  The first 12 teams formed will be guaranteed a spot in the lunchtime intramural soccer league.  Once again, 6 on 6 soccer intramural teams need to be submitted to Mr. Fernandez in Room 101.  

Attention Freshmen and Sophomores interested in joining the volleyball team.  On Monday's right after school, we will be having open gym tryouts from 3pm to 5pm in the gym.  This Monday, come ready to play.  Then, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6 - 8 p.m Juniors and seniors are welcome to come and try out.  Please see Coach Galaz in Room 704 with any questions about Cathedral’s volleyball team.

Congratulations to the water polo team for winning their matches yesterday.   The JV won 8-2 while the varsity won 17-4.  Congratulations to all the water polo guys.  Tonight at 7:00pm our varsity football team will take away against Lawndale High School.  Good luck to the varsity football team in their game tonight.

   End of Announcements