iPads - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Updated 7/17/2020



We often get questions about the technology required for our students. Here are a few frequently asked questions about what is required of our students.


Is Cathedral requiring all students to have an iPad this coming school year?

Yes.  All students will be required to have an iPad for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Which iPad should I buy?

For the 2020-2021 academic year Cathedral will require a minimum of 32 GB storage for NEW students. Though the minimum is 32 GB, 64 GB is recommended in order to have enough room for books, apps and projects. The latest version is recommended. Your budget dictates which iPad you purchase. The requirement for the larger memory is to ensure that memory will not be an issue because of books and projects may require larger memory capacity. NO NEED for iPads with a Data Plan. WiFi only to ensure appropriate use of the internet at school and at home. iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation are NOT supported. Please click here to see price comparisons from Apple. The newer iPads have faster processors and Apple will support it for a longer period of time.


Is there any Accessory We Should Purchase with the iPad?

Yes.  Cathedral requires students to have an iPad cover/case to protect their device from damage (any brand cover/case is acceptable).  While the cover/case most retailers sell for the iPad  is not cheap, it is worth protecting your investment in the iPad you will be using on a daily basis. Often the cost of a case is less than the repair of a screen or deductible for most insurance programs. Cases that protect the corners with a hard case and a rubber layer is highly recommended.


Will Cathedral Provide Financial Aid for the Purchase of an iPad?

No. Cathedral is very committed to helping parents and students but all available funding must still go towards financial aid and scholarships for school tuition. 


May Students Opt Out of Buying an iPad and purchase another tablet for a different maker?

No.  While Cathedral recognizes other electronic devices or tablets exist the decision was made to go exclusively with the iPad made by Apple. Having a uniform platform allows for cohesiveness between student-teacher and student-student collaboration. The Help Desk in the Technology Office across  from the library will be more effective when supporting students working with one platform.


Will Cathedral be selling iPads?

No.  Given the widespread availability of iPads by different retailers Cathedral wants parents to make the purchase from a company or store of their choice.


Are Digital Textbooks Available on the iPad?

Yes. Cathedral will continue to work with EdTech Software Company as textbook provider and online bookstore. They will have a website which will provide a one stop shopping experience for all of the books required for the year, this includes any digital books. DO NOT PURCHASE BOOKS UNTIL CLASS SCHEDULE IS FINALIZED.


What Happens if a Student Breaks his iPad or if it goes Missing or Stolen?

Similar to cell phones, the iPad is the student/parent’s property and it will be up to the student to properly care for, protect and secure his iPad at all times.  Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extended care or an insurance replacement program available at many retailers at the time of purchase.  Some retailers will replace your broken or damaged iPad with a new one if you buy into their replacement program.  (Please know that replacement programs cover damage or malfunctions, not lost or stolen iPads).  Students will also be required to have location services turned on in order to be able to find the iPad if missing. It is recommended that students install and activate Apple’s Find My iPhone App which can be used to track the device’s location. Click here to download it for free.

Students will not be allowed to use iPads that are deemed unsafe because of broken screens. 


Has Cathedral Established some Rules to Help Promote iPad Security at School?

Yes.  In addition to urging students never to leave their iPad unattended or in their backpack when not in use (the iPad should be secured in the student’s locker not backpack), the following are the minimum requirements: 1) iPad must be registered. All students will register their iPads at the beginning of the year. 2) have a cover/case on the iPad, 3) have passcode protection installed on the iPad, 4) all serial numbers must be visible on the back of iPad (not scratched off), 5) iPad cannot be “jail broken”, 6) enable the “find me” setting thru Apple’s Find My iPhone App in case the iPad is lost or stolen.  7.) have location services on. Note: Under no circumstance is a student allowed to have an iPad with the serial numbers scratched off. The school will be checking and confiscate any iPad that has serial numbers scratched off or is believed to be stolen. 


Will Students Need an iTunes Account to Use with the iPad?

Yes. Students will need an iTunes account to add or sync apps.  ONLY ONE APPLE ID SHOULD BE USE ON THE iPAD. Students must know this log in information in order to be assisted in the event of loss, or if needing assistance at out help desk in the library.  Books will be purchased through ESCO. ESCO is a separate store and WILL NOT honor iTunes gift cards. DO NOT PURCHASE ITUNES CARD TO PURCHASE BOOKS


Does an iTunes Account Require a Credit Card for purchases? 

No.  To avoid having students have access to a credit card they can purchase iTunes gift cards for specific amounts.  Once the value of the gift card has been exhausted, no further purchases can be made until another gift card is added. NOTE: Books will be purchased through EdTech. EdTech is a separate store and will not honor iTunes gift cards.


Will Students be Restricted from Installing their own Music, Games or Apps?

Under most circumstances no. Students will be able to install their own music, games or apps, similar to their phones.  Similar to our cell phone policy, inappropriate photos or other images will not be allowed on the iPad. 


Will Students be able to Print at School from their iPad?

Yes. Printers will be available at school to print. However, to avoid issues with not being able to find an available printer at school, it is recommended students print at home before coming to school.


Are there Additional Steps the School Recommends to Protect iPads from Getting Lost or Stolen?

While students are required to register their iPad through the registration link on the iPad Resources tab of our website,  parents/students should also record their iPad serial number at home.  It is also recommended that students get their name engraved on the iPad. Investigate whether your parent’s insurance would cover a lost or stolen iPad.  


Will Students still need a Desktop Computer at Home once They Have an iPad?

Yes. While the iPad should be able to handle most of the student’s computing needs, it is not intended to replace a desktop computer or laptop.  We still strongly suggest students use a computer to to be available to print at home.


What do Students Need to do to Sync the iPad?

Syncing the iPad simply means connecting it to a laptop or desktop computer, a process that backs up the contents of the iPad and usually takes just a few minutes. Backing up to the iCloud is another way of backing up the iPad. It merely provides a backup for the iPad in the event that something should happen to it. Data can be lost during the iOS update process and having a backup can protect documents and data from being lost.


Should I update my iPad with the latest operating system? 

Yes. Keeping your iPad and apps up to date is recommended to avoid conflicts with outdated apps.  


Can I as a Parent control What My Son accesses on the iPad?

Yes. You can enable parental controls on the device. Click here to see the recommendations that Apple gives on setting up your parental controls.


Will Students be allowed to Use the School’s Wi-Fi network to get Internet Access?

Yes. Students will only be allowed to access the internet through the school’s network while on campus. No other network will be allowed, such as hot spots, including 3G, 4G or LTE. Students found violating this policy may have their access revoked.