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Cathedral Robotics

In our inaugural year, the Cathedral High School’s Robotics Team Qualified for the National Championship.  On Sunday, March 5, 2020 our rookie team #8006 won two awards at the Del Mar Regional Competition.  After months of planning and hard work, our boys took the Highest Ranked Rookie Award and the Rookie All Star Award. The latter extended our season allowing us to participate at the next level, the “First National Championship” event. Due to the restrictions created by the corona virus, the boys were unable to attend. Over the years, the demographics at our school has not changed significantly.  However, the number of graduating seniors entering into nationally ranked Engineering programs continues to increase.  Last year, $10,000 was invested in the program. This year, the robotics class will be taught by David Galaz ’85 and the club will be mentored by Anthony Trafecanty ‘80.  The students themselves will be responsible for a business plan, including fundraising and expenditures.  The registration for the initial event is $5,000.  Please help us to continue the development of our students and our program.  By selecting the attached link, your donation will be directed to a restricted fund.  Please feel free to contact Dave Galaz ‘85 at for more information. Thank you for your time and effort.