Important Information on Scheduling for the 2021-2022 School Year

Course Selection Process
Each February or March Cathedral students begin to think about the classes they would like to take the following year.  Although most classes as predetermined due to college admissions requirements, students do have some freedom to choose electives to round out their schedule. 
The process is outlined below.

Ms. Modesto, Dean of Studies, and the Academic Counselors will present the course selection process to students by grade level in February.  1. Counselors will post a video presentation for parents and students on Tuesday February 16 in the grade level Google Classroom (Class of 2022, etc...) The specific presentations will be linked below as well.  2. Using the information in the video and course catalog, students will complete a course request google form (see grade level Google Classoom).  Counselors will be available to answer questions during Community Time (zoom) and via Google Classroom and email.  3. Counselors will visit Religion classes on February 24th and 25th to complete the course request process assisting students formally requesting classes through PowerSchool during Religion Classes on February 24th and 25th.   See Grade Level Presentations Below.

The COURSE CATALOG is available on the Cathedral High School website under Academics.  It contains valuable resources on college admissions as well as a description of all classes offered at Cathedral High School.  It is important to remember that students must meet course Pre-requisites to qualify for a course as outlined in the Cathedral High School Course Catalog.  Please visit the course catalog to consider which classes you would like to take next year.

Course Request Google Form

Students will complete a course request google form to help plan their classes for next year.  Forms are posted in the Grade Level Google Classroom.  Students will use this form to help request courses on PowerSchool during the counselor visit on February 24th or 25th.  Students will have already been assigned their Religion, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies as needed.  (NOTE* Honors and AP Classes will scheduled at a later date.  Please see below.)  Students will be asked to select their elective choice(s), and the next foreign language choice (if needed).  Students need to complete the course request google form by Monday February 22nd.   Contact your counselor if you have questions.

Student Parent Discussions
In February students and parents should discuss their course requests for next year.

AP and Honors Classes

Registration for AP and Honors classes will happen separately from the course selection process as those classes require prerequisites, placement exams, and instructor approval.  Interested students should contact their current teacher or department chairs for more information about AP and Honor selection.  Students will be notified in May if they were placed in an AP/Honor class.  The Dean of Studies will add students to the Honors/AP level should they qualify once they receive the list from the Department Chair in June.  

Counselor Meetings

During English classes (TBA) students will be meeting with Administration and/or Counselors to discuss course requests for 2021-2022 school year.  Students will enter course requests in Powerschool using their iPad during Religion classes on February 24th or 25th..

Parent Verification

Students will receive a course request verification form to be signed by a parent and returned by TBA. Failure to submit signed verification will delay your son's scheduling process.  Students should see their counselor if a duplicate is needed.  Any requests to changes need to be in before Easter Break


The Administration will schedule all classes and students will receive their 2021-2022 schedule over the summer (end of July).  A schedule change day will be posted on the school's calendar approximately one week before the start of school.  Students are strongly encouraged not to purchase any of their digital books if they are considering a schedule change.  Digital books may not be returned or exchanged.  All Digital Books are final.
Students taking a sports class as part of their schedule next year,  will register for the class but will not be confirmed until June, once the Dean of Studies receives the rosters from the coaches.