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FAQ for Incoming Freshmen Families

Last Edited: 04/23/2020

Dear Freshmen Parents,

Welcome to Cathedral High School, Class of 2024!   We are very excited you will be a part of our Lasallian Family! To better prepare your son, we have provided you with some Frequently Asked Questions which will make the new school year go smoothly.


Please check this page often between now and the start of school in August for important information regarding registration, enrollment, summer assignments, orientation information, and more; all meant to ease your transition to Cathedral High School.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  When is Incoming Freshmen Registration Night?

Answer: Incoming Freshmen Registration Night is March 16th, from 5:00-7:30 pm in our Gym.


Question: When is the Incoming Freshman Parent Orientation day?

Answer: The Parent Orientation has been postponed, until further notice.


Question:  Does my son need to attend the Parent Orientation?

Answer: Postponed



Question: When is the first day of school?

Answer: The first day of classes is August 13, 2020 More information about times of orientation will be mailed to you at the end of July when you receive you Back to School Packet.


Question: When is the Freshman Student orientation?

Answer: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 8:00 am (further details will be provided in the Back to School Packet in late July)


Question: What will the Freshmen Orientation be about?

Answer: There will be faculty introductions, review of school rules, review of class schedule, iPad registration, digital account distribution and lunch will be provided. Attendance is required.


Question:  When does my son bring his iPad?

Answer: Your son must bring his iPad on Freshmen Orientation Day Wednesday, August 12, 2020. An iPad is required in order to go through the day’s activities. Please refer to the FAQ about iPads for minimum requirements.


Question: I have some questions about what iPad I should get. Where can I get information about the required iPad?

Answer: Click HERE for FAQ about iPads


Question: Will my son be required to purchase a specific calculator for his Math and Science classes?

Answer: Yes, all incoming Freshmen will be required to use a specific calculator: TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator. Please ensure that incoming Freshmen have the appropriate calculator for school. Click HERE for more information about the TI-84 Plus


Question:  If my son is not required to attend Summer School and would like to enroll in English Honors, Geometry or Biology Honors what do I need to do?


Answer: Placement Tests - Postponed


Question: How do I know if my son is in the Math And Science Academy?

Answer: You would have received a letter in March notifying your son that he was offered a space in the Math and Science Academy.  In addition, he would have been personally contacted via phone.


Question: Are the Math and Science Academy students required to attend summer school?

Answer: Yes, they are required to enroll in Geometry Honors for 5 weeks. iPad and Ti-84 Plus Graphing Calculator are required. Click here for Summer School Information


Question: When will my son receive his schedule of classes?

Answer: Your son will receive his schedule of classes the last week in July in the Back to School Packet.  It will also have important information about the start of school.


Question: Can I request a specific teacher?

Answer:  We do not allow for teacher requests.


Question:  What do I do if my son wants to change a class?

Answer: Freshmen classes are randomly selected.  You will report to schedule change day in August only if your son is missing a class.  Students must have 7 classes.  Do not report to Schedule change day for teacher requests or elective changes.  All Freshmen schedules are final.


Question: When may I purchase my son’s books?

Answer: You will be given instructions in your Welcome Back to School packet.  Please wait to purchase any books until schedule is finalized.


Question: Are all books digital?

Answer: Though we are close to 100% digital, some classic books and workbooks are physical books that will also be required. All can be purchased through our online bookstore. Please wait to purchase any books until schedule is finalized. Workshops will be announced at the beginning of the year to assist parents with the purchase process. These workshops will help parents navigate the online bookstore to make sure correct books are purchased.


Question: When does summer school start for incoming freshmen?

Answer: Summer School is still scheduled to take place if county and state officials allow classes to resume, we would host the classes. An alternative would be to host summer school classes online, as we currently are with our students. Additional updates will be made on this subject at a later date.    


Question:  If I have summer school questions, who do I contact?

Answer: Contact Mr. Ferrante at (323) 441-3120 or email at


Question: What is the School Wide Summer Reading Book?

Answer: Every year the entire student body is required to read a specific book. This year’s book is TBA. Ibook available here. Book must be read by the beginning of the school year. Students will be quizzed in their classes at the beginning of the school year.



Question: Is there a Summer Assignment for any of my son’s classes?

Freshmen enrolled in English 1 will read The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter


 More information about this books is available here:

Additional Book Information


Answer: Freshmen enrolled in English 1 Honors will read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson and write an essay. Specific information about the essay is available here:

Activity Information and Instructions


Question: Where do I purchase my son’s uniforms?

Answer: Dennis Uniforms (5 different color polo shirts available):

Click here for their website

P.E. uniforms, sweatshirts available at the Cathedral campus student store. 

Question: If my son wants to play sports, what should I do?


Check the Cathedral Website for Summer Sports and or contact Mr. Ferrante our Dean of Services at (323) 441-3120 or email or click here for contact information for each team.




Question: Where does my son purchase his school lock and when will he receive his locker?

Answer: Your son will receive his locker number at the Freshman Orientation and can purchase a school lock at the Cathedral bookstore.


Question: Who do I submit emergency, physicals, band Interest and phantom alert forms to?

Answer: Contact Mr. Godoy, Dean of Studies at (323) 441-3113 or email

or Admissions Office, (323) 441-3116 /


* Physical can be submitted on a later date, we understand the challenges in scheduling appointments at this moment.


Question: Who do I contact regarding schedules or other academic issues?

Answer: Contact Ms. Modesto, Dean of Studies at (323) 441-3103 or email


Question: Who do I contact regarding summer school?

Answer: Contact Mr. Ferrante our Dean of Services at (323) 441-3120 or email


Question: Who do I contact regarding help downloading digital books?

Answer: Contact Mr. M. Trafecanty our Director of Education at