Cathedral High School College Preparatory Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve

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Dear Alumni and friends,

On behalf of the students of Cathedral High School, I wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” for all that you do. The current success of Cathedral is in large part to your commitment to ensure that our students have what they need to achieve many dreams once thought impossible. As you look over this year’s Chimes, please keep in mind that all that you see is a reflection of your kindness and generosity. It is truly an honor to see the mission of St. John Baptist De La Salle thriving at Cathedral High School.

As I reflect back on the past decade of growth for our school, the amazing part is the ability to continue to offer our students enough financial aid and scholarship funds to make their academic dreams a reality. We live in a very difficult financial climate, but the ability to offer necessary funds, based in large part to the generosity of donors, in this difficult time is certainly amazing to see.

In my dual role of Director of Development and Admissions Director, I have the pleasure of walking families and prospective students through the admissions process, but more importantly I am able to tell the story of generous donors that make our school special. I consider myself fortunate to have the ability to tell your story and to make sure that new students understand what kind of school they will soon be a part of. Our enrollment is thriving with over 750 students and to hear the hustle and bustle of energetic and enthusiastic students truly makes our jobs here at Cathedral a special one.

I encourage you to please come back home to Cathedral and spend some time with me walking the hallways to fully experience the generosity you have bestowed to our students. The once considered “new” gym and science center is now thee center piece of our campus and as you walk through the halls of these buildings a sense of calmness and belonging is what is most striking.

I leave you with only one thought to ponder, “Have I made a difference in the lives of the young men at Cathedral High School?” I can earnestly say that your belief in these young men is immeasurable and one that we hope can continue for years to come.

Oscar Leong '85,

Admissions & Development Director