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Students plan, coordinate and organize community events, in-school student activities, rallies, School Spirit competitions, celebrations and Town Hall Meetings to discuss the state of affairs with their entire class. Lasallian Youth Ambassadors aid in organizing the school's service and immersion schedule with various organizations and communities in the LA area. They also research and plan "Awareness Months" in order to educate and engage with relevant social justice issues.

Each class competes for the Phantom Cup, awarded 4 times over the course of the school year, honoring the class that most embodies a well-rounded Phantom. Points are awarded to each class based on student participation and excellence in the following fields: Service, Academics, School Spirit, Behavior/Respect, Intramural Competition. 

Student Life truly works to be a Sign of Faith and an embodiment of Inclusive Community and BROTHERHOOD.

Cathedral High School Student Life 2021-2022 ASB Team 

Director of Student Life for Activities, Service and Outreach:

CHS Student Life ASB President: 


CHS Student Life ASB Vice-President:


CHS Student Life ASB Secretary:


CHS Student Life ASB Treasurer:


CHS Student Life ASB Publicist:


CHS Student Life ASB Core Reps:


CHS Student Life ASB Intramurals Coordinator:


CHS Student Life ASB Rally Commissioners:


CHS Student Life ASB Senior Lasallian Youth Ambassadors:


CHS Student Life ASB Junior Lasallian Youth Ambassadors:


CHS Student Life ASB Sophomore Lasallian Youth Ambassador: 

Joshua Sic '22

CHS Student Life ASB Freshman Lasallian Youth Ambassador: 

Ulysses Hill '23

CHS Student Life ASB Senior Lasallian Campus Ministry Ambassadors:


CHS Student Life ASB Junior Lasallian Ambassador Campus Ministry:


CHS Student Life ASB Class of 2020 Reps:

Charles Henry, Julian Padilla, John Rieger, Zion Rivas

CHS Student Life ASB Class of 2021 Reps:

Alex Ahedo, Gabriel Fellin, Richard Guizar, Aaron Hernandez, Angel Mojarro, Roland Pascual, Jonathan Rosa, Reiden Webber 

CHS Student Life ASB Class of 2022 Reps:

Andrew Felix, Jesus Guzman, Ryan Jung, Michael Navarro, Andrew Salas, Joshua Sic 

CHS Student Life ASB KCHS Representative:

As the Freshmen get more involved, applications and elections will take place!